This is how much money you lose if you are working for Picnic

Simon works 16 hours a week across two shifts in a distribution center of Picnic, and has not yet worked many hours. He falls into the first pay scale step [trede] for 0 to 160 hours, which is a Picnic hourly wage of € 9.79 excluding the holiday allowance. Simon works a day shift on Tuesdays and an afternoon shift on Thursdays. In accordance with the collective agreement for the supermarket sector [cao Supermarkten], Simon should be earning € 11.68 per hour, plus an 8.1% bonus for working hours reduction [ADV toeslag], plus bonuses for working unsocial hours [bijzondere uren] on Thursday evenings. Every week, for example, Simon is paid € 62.90 less, which amounts to € 3,500 a year because he also receives a holiday allowance on top of this wage.


Mayra  works 25 hours a week across three shifts in a distribution center of Picnic, and has worked for Picnic somewhat longer. As a result, she earns a slightly higher hourly wage (the pay scale step for 160 to 520 hours): € 10.04 excluding the holiday allowance. Mayra works day shifts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. In accordance with the cao Supermarkten, Mayra should also be paid € 11.68 per hour. Every week, she is paid € 92.65 less, which amounts to more than € 5,000 per year.


Sofie works 40 hours a week distributed over five shifts in a distribution center of Picnic. This is her second year with Picnic, and her hourly wage falls into the pay scale step for 1,200 to 4,000 hours, which amounts to € 10.65 excluding the holiday allowance. She works every Sunday, as well as four early shifts on weekdays. In accordance with the cao Supermarkten, her wage is one step higher in the pay structure [loongebouw], and her hourly wage is € 11.84. Every week, Sofie is paid € 180.68 less, which amounts to more than € 10,000 a year.


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Simon, Mayra, and Sofie are fictional persons. However, the calculations are realistic, and the outcome is comparable with calculations the FNV has made for actual people. The calculations are made with information that was available in January 2019. All the examples apply to workers of Picnic in distribution centers.

Temporary employment agencies do not comply with the rules

When you apply for a job with Picnic, it appears at first as if you are applying to the company directly. Later in the process, however, it becomes evident that you will be starting work through a temporary employment agency. Every individual not holding a managerial position works through an agency.


Currently this involves mainly Young Capital and Randstad, and the payroll company Payroll Select. If you work through a temporary employment agency or a payroll company, you are entitled to the same wage as people in the company’s direct employment. This is called hirer’s remuneration [inlenersbeloning]. Since February 2018, temporary employment agencies are obliged to include which collective labour agreement [CAO] applies in their employee placement agreement [plaatsingsovereenkomst]. If you let people work for a supermarket, they are also entitled to supermarket-related pay – particularly if this CAO has been declared universally binding [Algemeen Verbindend Verklaard].


steunen = sharen