Do you work as a bike courier? Let’s talk about your rights!

It is time to think about the future of the riders in the Netherlands. Whether you work for Flink, Getir, or Thuisbezorgd, the essence of your job is the same: delivering goods by bike. Unfortunately, working conditions for riders in the Netherlands are poor. We've heard numerous stories of broken bikes, road accidents, poor equipment, and delayed payment. Employers can get away with this because there are currently very few regulations for bike delivery workers in the Netherlands. Therefore, it is time to make our rules and claim our rights.

Before we claim our rights, it is important to know what the ideal working conditions are for you as a rider. Think about safety, income, or job security. To gather input about these topics, we've established focus groups. With the input of these focus groups, we want to create a rider's constitution: a document that contains all the rules and rights riders have. This way, we can exert pressure on municipalities, the government, and employers.

Do you believe it's time for change, and would you like to discuss the future of bike couriers in the Netherlands? Join our focus group during the congress for flex workers in Utrecht. The Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, Karien van Gennip, will also be present. We'll provide lunch during the day, and there are train tickets available for FNV members.

Location: Centraal Vakbondshuis FNV, Utrecht (FNV Headquarters
Date: Saturday October 7, 2023


  • 11:30 Start programme & introduction
  • 12:00h Lunch
  • 13:00h Opening
  • 14:00h Focus groups
  • 16:15h Interview with Dutch Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, Karien van Gennip

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Stel 'm via Whatsapp! We zijn op werkdagen bereikbaar van 9:00 - 17:00 (maandag t/m vrijdag).

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